Writing a news article template kids

Well, get one of these newspaper article templates. News articles Feature articles You will also find opinion pieces, like editorials and book and movie reviews. You can add a variety of images, both coloured and black and white as is shown in the template.

In this age of the Internet, you can also end your story with a link to more information or even your own behind-the-scenes blog post.

Main body What is at the heart of your story?


You can put the articles of all the students in the classroom together to make your own classroom newspaper! Closing quotation Find something that sums the article up in a few words. The most important news articles are on the first page; the top half of the first page is referred to as "above the fold.

The more exposure students have to various articles, the better of an understanding they will have when constructing meaning based on them. Review your research and notes. Remember, this is just a foundation upon which to build your story.

Download Newspaper Article Format Template Download This particular newspaper format concentrates more on the images than the text. Synonyms for newspaper are paper and rag this is a disparaging term.

The owner of a newspaper is called the publisher. However, just writing a great article is often not enough. Download My Weekend Newspaper Article Sample Template This format would be ideal for weekend newspapers or tabloids, ones which display less serious news items.

Taken from Lessons With Laughter Study News Articles and Features Put all your useful discussions about news articles to good use by examining many different articles as a class. This is best done by examining a newspaper together.

Place the text surrounding it. There is a large image forming the background, with text on it, resembling an ad.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper

It is important to remember that both news and features demand the same level of research and reporting. Here are some ideas: Man bites dog and not passive verbs for example: In this online interactive tool, your students can choose the "newspaper" option to help them complete their newspaper section.

To make it easier for students, give them a broad range of topics such as past or present events, private or public events for example:Once that’s done, you may have just prepared your students to be critical readers of the news, and perhaps even effective news article writers!

Below is a list of steps I recommend if you plan on teaching writing news articles for kids.

Writing a Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article Writing Helper - Time for Kids. Day 1: Writing a News Report News Report Practice Read the article below. Fill in the Elements of a News Report chart on the next page.

Students Grow Flying Sauce. News and templates practice writing, editing, and templates. Editing, and writing plus westudents can be used by the children wheneditFrom the scholastic kidsto write a newspaper examples of news.

Feature articles kids download on short,elementary student newspaper. We’ll teach you how to teach your kids to write a good newspaper article plus we give you a printable newspaper article template for the kids to create a great looking project.

First, have the kids find articles to read from a real newspaper. Well, get one of these newspaper article templates.

Newspaper Article Template

You may like Free News Paper Templates. Printable Newspaper Templates; Article Summary Templates; Newspaper Article in PSD.

News Articles For Kids – Lesson Ideas

While writing your newspaper article, you could follow this principle. Add a large image which catches the eye in the centre. 12+ Kids Newspaper Templates ;

Writing a news article template kids
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