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It provided better UX now See the live demo for better understanding - Joomla Login module has been re-designed to match the general UI - VM - Currency Selector module has been re-designed to match the general UI - The head section on category page has been completely re-designed.

Other pages, modules, menus and the rest will remain being controlled by your current joomla template. Administrators can attach an unlimited number of files on the product details page.

Virtuemart shoppers can download attachments. Shop owner can upload any files for each product they want in back-end There are a number of extensions which support this functionality operating like a custom field to upload one file each time. Never possible to complete the checkout. Contact me if you require this.

Posted on 19 December Functionality The component works as intended.

Product Review for VirtueMart

But, more importantly, this company provides superior support for their products, even to the point of helping to customize the code. I will purchase again their plugins if I need it.

They look more organized now. Great product, very easy install and use. Everything is working flawlessly - When different shipping address than billing address is entered, the current address was not being displayed. Great product and great support.

What makes it different from others is its ability to be customized. Attachment for Virtuemart product plugin allows shop owners to upload any file type and many files such as PDF format, or Microsoft word, or Excel, Zip and Media file extension Mp3, Mp The template is nice.

It will find and auto re-size the first image in your content. Supersized is a full screen background slideshow with lots of options. Just enter a 1 in the api key field. Posted on 27 January This is a very simple module for login.

My compliments to the support people that helped me very good with my questions about Cleanmart. Now, it is much more user-friendly. It gives much better performance. Attached unlimited numbers of files on the product details pages A full documentation Product Specification of Attachment for Virtuemart Product If you are a Virtuemart shop owner and you want to know "How to attach files on Virtuemart products details pages".

Admin can upload multi files. It works perfectly, but also I have no errors and I am logged in to the frontend and my users can return and buy again. Option to choose from very popular Google fonts for customization.

Virtuemart Templates

The Product Checkout Lock for VirtueMart prevents single stock articles being added to more than one cart at a time. The new zoomEffect offers extra 30 parameters in the plugin. A slimbox Popup Summary shows what is in your cart. Great job folks, you have one of the best products around.

It is calculated via the Google Maps v3 api and has full feedback for the customer so they can see what address the api has found and if necessary correct it. Flexiblewebdesign have excellent support team and I used them a lot. You can customize many parameters.

They work really well, look great and if you need any support, you always get a very good, descriptive, reply. The instructions are good and if support is needed, John does a great job helping you out. Monthly summary is provided in tabular and chart form.Get Slick Login for Virtuemart (v) Introduction.

Login Redirect, Write a review. Life saver!! W.t. Fidiot (1). Posted on 27 January Project relies on revenue from these advertisements so please consider disabling the ad blocker for this domain.

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Attachment for Virtuemart Product

The vast majority of many thousands of happy VirtueMart users never get the idea to write a review in the JED. Last time I searched for the number of VirtueMart 2 shops in the internet using one of Google's advanced (hidden) search features, it came up with english language.

Virtuemart 3 Template Cleanmart is integrated to your current joomla template. It changes layout of only Virtuemart-related pages withing the "content" area. Those pages are VM Frontpage, Category Page, Product Details page, Shopping cart page.

Other pages, modules, menus and the rest will remain being controlled by your current joomla 5/5(29). Attachment for Virtuemart Product Plugin allows shop owners to attach any type of files on the product details page Write review.

It is completely compatible with Joomla and Virtuemart Please refer video demo in this link below:5/5(10). Since i can't login to your website, i am not able to see the "write a review" form. Please guide me about how to login to your website in order to see the "write a review.

From your review I could make out that you did not really research a lot and might be not too familiar with Joomla and VirtueMart. VirtueMart is a component for Joomla, not a plugin and the Template VP Supermart is an old version for VirtueMart 2.

Virtuemart please login to write a review
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