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The monsoon uses of forests essay writer are found in large areas of Deccan plateau. Forests, too, revitalize the soil and because of the addition of humus and vegetable matter, it does not degenerate and become barren. The Oak tree which is indigenous to England would not grow in Malaysia.

Due to this reason paper industries dominate in USA, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which account for the greatest concentration of coniferous forests.

For example, plantation forests provide humans with timber and wood, which is exported and used in all parts of the world. He always replaces the felled trees with young ones.

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Forests provide natural habitat to a number of primitive tribes which are part of our rich cultural heritage. It is because of this that men have realized their value and have taken steps to preserve them and to prevent their wanton and useless destruction.

So forests are of great value. This is because almost all water ultimately comes from rivers and lakes and from forest-derived water tables. In reforestation, natural trees must always be grown. These may be developed as very good picnic or tourist centers in the form of wild life sanctuaries and national parks which have good employment and income generating potential.

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Except for a layer of concrete, nothing else will hold the soil as firmly on a sloping surface, as a cover of trees. So what is a thesis statement and how do i come up with one?

The forest are not only valued for the direct benefits of forest produce, but also for the indirect benefits. The category of the forests yield hard wood such as teak rose wood and bamboos.

Grazing of cattle in the forests helps in dairy farming and cattle rising. They are used in confectionery, medicine, and in the manufacture of pastes, ink and coloured crayons.

Uses of forests

The Forestry Commission was therefore, set up. Essay Classification of Forests: Term papers, thesis papers, research papers, dissertations, custom essay, etc he was more of nature as are in the if he was good opening lines for.

However, in doing so, forests are last being depleted. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of fast growing eucalyptus trees have been planted along the roadside to attract rain.

Forests help in controlling soil erosion, soil degradation and floods. The planting and preservation of forests is therefore a matter of great importance. As well as producing timber, certain forests provide important oils such as turpentine from the pine forests of North America or palm oil from the palm forests.

Some rivers running through forests are also kept cool and from drying out.

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Large scale afforestation and reforestation programs should be implemented in a systematic manner. Heat is mainly given out at night during respiration. They are an inexhaustible reserve and provide man and industries with numerous raw materials.

They include bamboos of different kinds. The ecological importance of forests has been listed here: Industries like paper, matt making, plywood, sports goods, lakh and furniture at directly based on raw materials derived from forest 2.7.

Forests help in maintaining natural scenic beauty which every year attract a number of tourists and nature lovers. 8. Forests provide natural habitat to a number of primitive tribes which are part of our rich cultural heritage. Their mode of living, economy and cul­tural traits are based on forest environment.

9. The uses for forests are numerous, with some impacting the environment and us negatively and some impacting positively.

The Uses of Forest Essay Sample

It is important to remember that forest should be sustained so that there will not be a loss of benefits and discoveries. Words Essay on The Use of Forests Article shared by Forests form an important part of the wealth of a country; and in India, the preservation of the forests is so important that it has long been taken over by the Government, and is in charge of the Government Forests Department.

The Uses of Forest Essay Sample Forests and the many varying trees of which they are composed have, since the very earliest days played an important part in.

Forests cover approximately over % of the earth’s surface * USES OF FORESTS; Forests are important to the survival of human beings mainly because we are dependent on a significant degree of vast areas of forests. The following states the various uses of forests; * Habitat for wildlife.

* Home for plants. Essay # Major Products of Forest: (1) Timber: Forest provides us with both hard woods and soft woods. Tropical hard woods include sal, teak, ebony, greenheart, mahogany, ironwood, logwood, semul, sissoo etc. Soft woods include pine, blue pine, fir, spruce, cedar, poplar etc.

There are various industries that are solely dependent on timber.

Uses of forests essay writer
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