Todd duncan business plan

First of all, most loan officers spend too much time at the end trying to make up for everything that did not go right at the start. Simply work all sides to the transaction and you can set appointments with any agent or affinity partner involved. The best way to find, for example, new real estate agents is on every deal you have.

InTodd founded The Duncan Group to meet the growing demand for innovative training and leadership in the mortgage banking industry where he began his career. It must have all documents needed to support qualifying for the loan.

Nothing wrong with either or any approach as long as your time is leveraged and your conversion rates are high? Every top producer swears by it. Yes, five pages of this: Assuming you are implementing the rest of the tips shared with you so far, the pre-closing review is a natural extension of your commitment to quality and service.

There is not a loan officer on the planet that would not get more loans if he were consistent about asking these questions. But as your volume builds, that is harder to do plus if there was a problem, it was hard to fix it then.

Build a team and delegate everything No question on this one. This is the most valuable part of your database in that it represents your annuity income. Will you use me again? Morning huddles for minutes reviewing all pipeline movement for the day.

The mindset of the top producer is the loan application must be complete. I recently interviewed Harvey McKay who without doubt is one of the best business writers of our time.

The key is you want to be right there, having already established trust, when they decide to pull the trigger.

What is your communication system for your pipeline? All you have to do every year is: Four quarterly calls c.

Mid-process — halfway through the transaction — are we on track? We all want to serve the customer well. Todd began his loan origination career at the age of twenty-three and he quickly learned what it takes to succeed amidst the rising pressures and incessant temptations of the marketplace.

I know how to package and submit loans. To leverage that, you must be in touch. His ongoing discoveries continue to be synthesized into compelling resources for living in a meaningful, enriching, and profitable way.

Use a floral card-holder and put 10 of your business cards in the bouquet — viola!MAKE THIS YEAR YOUR BEST YEAR EVER. May 11, By Todd Duncan.


SinceI have studied the strategies and behaviors of top producing Loan Officers throughout America. Think of that business plan at a couple thousand a loan and you could get really excited I’m sure.

2. Prospect and set appointments with referral partner. Step 1: Writing Life, Business, Client and Time Plans Benchmark’s Strategic Alignment with Todd Duncan: Benchmark has aligned with the mortgage industry’s premier trainer and motivator, Todd Duncan.

An effective business plan, which must be part of your life plan, has saved businesses and marriages. If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Having a plan allows you to work smarter, not harder. “But having a business plan matters little if there’s not an implementation strategy to put the plan into action,” Todd says.

Watch this interview with Todd Duncan to. The High Trust Interview "The single most overlooked sales skill by loan officers is intentionally creating trust by conducting an effective client interview." Todd Duncan Interviewing is the most critical part of the sales process.

The only way you can get someone to do business with you is to build their trust in you. The only way to gain. Jan 09,  · Jump start with a well-tuned business plan to drive peak performance throughout the year.

Learn from the Best and Kick-off with Todd Duncan - High Trust Selling + Mortgage Coach = Record.

Todd duncan business plan
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