The life and career of the golden boy oscar de la hoya

Sports Illustrated went on to write, "It was not a fight that Trinidad won; it was a fight that De La Hoya perversely handed over. They got engaged in before their daughter was born but never made it down the aisle.

At a tender age, his parents moved to Mexico. She had always hoped that her son would win a gold medal at the Olympics and her untimely death gave De La Hoya a concrete goal for the next two years.

He moved out of the barrio to a wealthy neighborhood and he spends his free time at country clubs or on the golf course. March 29, Zodiac Sign: Instead he chose to be advised by his father, his cousin Gerardo Salas, and Los Angeles advertising consultant Raynaldo Garza.

This has led some to accuse him of abandoning his Mexican-American roots. Daily News Record, December 18,p. In Oscar won the champion in the 1st welterweight Julio Cesar Chavez.

His mother, Cecilia, passed away in her late thirties when breast cancer attacked her body. Joel De La Hoya Sr. It was at this point that Oscar opted to take some time off the ring. Throughout his career, Oscar defeated 18 world champions.

In he married Millie Corretjer, a singer and the couple was blessed with a child in Chicago Tribune, June 24, She continued as a performer but commanded a weak presence in the industry until her rise to fame with her debut album Sola.

The basketball player created his own show Shaq Vs, to which he invites the stars of the sport and competes with them in their categories. The deal included money for a house for his family in Montebello, quite a step up from the barrio in which he grew up.

De La Hoya pressed throughout, doing best when using his left jab. He was the youngest U.

Boxing’s Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya and his family life

Oscar and his wife broke up. As a boy, Oscar never did like fighting or any physical sports. The film,inspired the commercial, which featured the Mexican champions battling giants and other large creatures. He was a former pro boxer who had been left with no choice from his own father but to go to the boxing gym.

Oscar de la Hoya

The former champion often analyses the upcoming tournaments. He has also considered going to school to pursue architecture. Oscar was born on February 4, in Montebello, California and comes from a boxing family.

Oscar De La Hoya: Professional Boxer & Biography

Daily News New YorkFebruary 7, In addition, De La Hoya has been labeled a "sellout" because of his financial success. While he easily made the U. Inat the age of 28, De La Hoya returned to the ring in search of redemption.

Oscar who hated physical confrontations soon learned to defend himself by the time he was around 6 and he soon started dreaming of becoming a legend in the game. In he won the U. He knocked him out in the sixth round to take his tenth world title.

Her first foray into reality TV was Meet the Barkers — where she starred alongside her kids and then husband, Travis Barker.

Oscar De La Hoya

Aries Moakler started dating De La Hoya in and they began co-habiting after a few months. February 18, Zodiac Sign: USA Today, February 14,p. April 18, Zodiac Sign: At the age of six, Oscar fought at the ring, made by his cousin in the courtyard of the house.It ends abruptly just prior to De la Hoya's fight versus Ike Quartey; the Golden Boy's career reaching its most exciting period with big fights against the likes of Trinidad, Mosley & Vargas still to come.4/5(6).

Oscar De La Hoya: Professional Boxer & Biography. BOXING CAREER. Oscar first saw boxing gloves when he was five years old. From then on he was a boxer all his life. Oscar De La Hoya, also known as “Golden Boy”, first captured America’s hearts by becoming the only American boxer to win an Olympic Gold Medal at the summer games.

Sep 05,  · And Golden Boy will close with other big promotions, including at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 17 when De La Hoya's International Boxing Federation middleweight champion David Lemieux fights undefeated World Boxing Assn.

middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. In the same year, Oscar De La Hoya created his own corporation Golden Boy Promotions, which promoted boxers.

Inthe "golden boy" took revenge and met with his undefeated rival Shane Mosley, who again won the American. Oscar De La Hoya Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Oscar De La Hoya aka the Golden Boy is a former American boxer who is widely known for his intense fights and weight classes.

As a legendary fighter, he retired by completing a record with an escort of gold medal win in Olympics.

His professional career began after and he quickly bagged the title “Golden Boy”. De La Hoya soon became a promising marketable product, he suddenly became wealthy and women started to .

The life and career of the golden boy oscar de la hoya
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