The function of a crystal radio

Modern sets use modern semiconductor diodesalthough some hobbyists still experiment with crystal or other detectors. Well, "power" can mean a lot of different things. At the beginning of the technology, natural quartz crystals were used but now synthetic crystalline quartz grown by hydrothermal synthesis is predominant due to higher purity, lower cost and more convenient handling.

Crystal Radio Diode

Certain silicon Schottky diodes with low barrier potential will work well but most small-signal Schottky diodes will not perform as well as a garden-variety germanium diode.

Here are some alternative construction ideas: The coil may be wound on a 1. Mount the tuning rod to the wooden board. It is not sufficient to disconnect the antenna from the receiver during thunderstorms. Ask yourself a couple questions: A resonant circuit tuned circuit which selects the frequency of the desired radio station from all the radio signals received by the antenna.

Also if we measure the voltage drop of a diode with a multimeter, the test current shall be about 1 mA. If possible, have an adult use a ladder to attach the ends of the antenna to high places like rain gutters. Then, for the real shine, polish the surface with a polishing compound like rouge.

The mobility of interstitial ions depends strongly on temperature. Atmospheric humidity influences the thermal transfer properties of air, and can change electrical properties of plastics by diffusion of water molecules into their structure, altering the dielectric constants and electrical conductivity.

High impedance dynamic earphones are a bit more reliable and can give excellent results. Very small crystals for high fundamental-mode frequencies can be manufactured by photolithography.

But also below this voltage drop the diode can conduct current, and can rectify a RF radio frequency signal. Move the tuning rod back and forth in order to remove the enamel insulation where it contacts the coil.

The direction of the capacitor does not matter. The tuning is a key element in looking at how the radio works. The crystal detector functions as a square law detector[38] rectifying the radio frequency alternating current to a pulsing direct current. The stresses can be induced by mounting, bonding, and application of the electrodes, by differential thermal expansion of the mounting, electrodes, and the crystal itself, by differential thermal stresses when there is a temperature gradient present, by expansion or shrinkage of the bonding materials during curing, by the air pressure that is transferred to the ambient pressure within the crystal enclosure, by the stresses of the crystal lattice itself nonuniform growth, impurities, dislocationsby the surface imperfections and damage caused during manufacture, and by the action of gravity on the mass of the crystal; the frequency can therefore be influenced by position of the crystal.

The two wires leaving the left side of the picture connect to the ground rod and antenna respectively.Crystal radio science project: investigate how to build your own AM radio using a kit, and see how changing the radio configuration can allow you to tune in to different stations.

How Does a Crystal Radio Work

If your crystal radio is not working, then getting the wrong type of diode is the number one reason for this. If you are able to receive just one station that is faint and broken up, then chances are that the diode is the wrong type.

How A Crystal Radio Works. In order to understand the crystal radio receiver you first have to understand were the "signal" or radio wave comes from and how it was made.

Diodes. Back to the index. The diode resistance RD of germanium diodes is most times rather low, and only useable in crystal receivers with a low Q (low sensitivity and low selectivity).

For high performance receivers, we can better use a suitable schottky diode. Detected voltage as function of the input voltage. There's a lot that goes into making a nice crystal radio set, so this is going to have to be broken down into two parts.

The first part is the actual making of a functional radio, and the second part is making the whole arrangement look nice. ´╗┐The Function of a Crystal Radio What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about the function of the radio?

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The function of a crystal radio
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