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After a short skirmish where several village guards were killed, the town surrendered. But Katz was not prepared for what he was to discover in the case of Tantura. But when we fought we obeyed the laws of the war dictated to us by international norms.

The reason these massacres are less known than the Deir Yassin massacre is likely because the leadership was in a very different paradigm than at the time of Deir Yassin in April Morris underlines the fact that in interviews conducted by himself and by the whistle-blower Amil Gilat, all refugees confirmed that a massacre had taken place, while all IDF veterans denied it.

Furaydis and Jisr Al-Zarka. There was the participation of members of intelligence and logistical units, who took with them people who were suspected of hiding weapons in the houses. Neither is this in any way a closed matter for those many Palestinians who have either had their family members massacred, raped, tortured or dispossessed.

Economic issues were also a big problem. But after more than a decade, the majority of their colleagues continue to cling to the old shibboleths.

Katz did not use the word massacrealthough other scholars were quick to use this term. Based on coins recovered from the site, the boat dates to CE, a decade after the Muslim conquest. Recognition of these causative events is essential to approaching any understanding of the power paradigm and its resolution towards peace.

It is a sad and sickly hamlet of wretched huts on a naked sea-beach, with a marshy flat between it and the base of the eastern hills.

Twice or three times he changed magazines. Pappe continues to be in contact with Katz and they continue to work on the uncovering of the issue of the Tantura massacre. He based his thesis on oral testimony from surivors of Tantura village, which is near his hometown of Haifa.

Epilogue This case appears to end inafter Katz had submitted his revised thesis in latewhich got a failing score from the examiner committee.

In Tantura, for some reason, the town was closed off from land in all directions, and at sea was a blockade of a Haganah navy force, so the town was closed off from all directions and no-one could escape.

Teddy Katz is today a very active man in regards to Tantura. There was a systematic killing by the deputy company commander Shimshon Mashvitz, who had soldiers take groups of young men, line them up against a wall and shoot them in the head.

I have likewise interviewed other members of his family to get a perspective of the effect that the ideological, political, legal and societal storm has had on Katz. The rest were ethnically cleansed together with hundreds of other villages, towns and cities elsewhere.

Zahir al-Umar carried out a policy of expansion of trade, increasing the capacity of the port at Tantura, as well as those of Haifa and Acre. The accounts were dismissed out of hand as unreliable by some Israeli academics, specifically because he relied on Palestinian sources.

Morris defended the value of oral testimony and tradition. But when the work of Katz became openly addressed in the Israeli media in an article in Maariv on 21st January by Amir GilatKatz experienced a storm of outrage and a court case for libel by veterans of the Alexandroni brigade.

Katz appealed to the Israeli Supreme Courtbut it declined to intervene. The next step was to be the defense, making its case and calling in the veterans to testify, which they refused to do, but could potentially be forced to do by law. Dor has been identified with the Crusader principality of Merle, although excavations at the site, known in Arabic as Khirbet el-Burj, indicate that the moat was dug later, in the 13th century.

The village of Tantura, further south, was probably established after the church was abandoned in the early Arab period. Here there seemed to have ensued several forms of killing. Underwater exploration of a Byzantine wreck salvaged a medium-size boat constructed with iron nails.

The farm was successful and the family maintained good relations with their Arab neighbors.

He told me that he sought to avoid this word deliberately, as it was a contentious issue, and he would rather have the research followed up by further research which could define the proper title for what had happened.

Until that happens, I will continue to dig into it, to the great dismay of those who want it buried.

Confronting the past

If historical Palestine is to experience peace once again, I believe that the truth must finally be laid bare.Dec 14,  · Teddy Katz, a Haifa University graduate student, interviewed over people - Arabs and Jews - for his masters thesis about what happened at.

Pappé has publicly supported the disgraced master’s thesis of University of Haifa (Haifa U) graduate student Teddy Katz. Katz claimed that a brigade of Israeli forces had committed an alleged massacre of Palestinians in at Tantura, near Haifa. The committee's report was conveyed to Mr.

Teddy Katz, the thesis supervisor, and several of the office holders in the Department of the History of the Middle East. Israeli journalist Amir Gilat published the story, later disputed, [by whom?] of an alleged massacre in Tantura in Ma'ariv based on a master's thesis submitted to the University of Haifa by graduate student, Theodore Katz.

He is a rather unlikely candidate for academic celebrity - or notoriety - depending on which way one looks at it.

Alexandroni Brigade

But the debate over the MA thesis of. Teddy Katz, a member of Kibbutz Magal and a native of the city of Haifa, initially planned to do his Master’s thesis on the events in Haifa during the war.

Teddy katz thesis
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