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They are stored as plain PDFs which is excellent, and they seem full-text searchable. The National Security Archive is a non-governmental archive devoted to national security topics that is kept at George Washington University. Robert Oppenheimer and the hydrogen bomb that she uploaded in support of her book, The Ruin of J.

I sent them an e-mail and received this as a response: This is a Department of Energy search engine that holds mostly recent s to the present reports and papers relating to the whole gamut of DOE concerns.

Below is a list of the most useful web archives relevant to writing papers on the atomic bomb that I have come across in my own research. This online database contains searchable scans of all of their public hearings, which is pretty convenient.

Some are pretty specific in what they cover, and some are more general. The history of the bomb has been and will probably always be for better or worse a relevant topic, and students are drawn to it for a variety of reasons. This list is for primary sources only, and those available without stepping foot into an actual archive.

Sourcework : academic writing from sources

Designed to help students make use of outside sources, this title intends to better guide writers through the challenges of their first academic. Hanford Declassified Document Retrieval System.

We are working to put mitigation in place that will allow us to enable public access to our web site. Presumably if one finds a file that one really needs the missing pages for, you should get in touch with them directly for a hard copy. It is very hit and miss but there are some interesting things there regarding the early hydrogen bomb work.

Fortunately for these students, writing really impressive term papers on the atomic bomb is easier today than it has probably ever been, in part because the amount of primary source research material about the history of nuclear weapons available through the web is actually quite large — if you know where to go.

Sourcework academic writing from sources pdf download

I have found this useful both for research and for teaching. Ideas, Sourcework aims at guiding them in writing academic research papers themes and sources for students as well as an instructor site with chapter notes.

We want to put the archive back up on a. This is a giant meta-search engine created by the Defense Technical Information Center, and searches the databases of a whole bunch of Department of Defense agencies. These documents are available for you to download to your hard drive.

A Research Question Los Alamos National Laboratory had a major effort in the late s and early s to digitize all of their declassified reports, going back to the earliest days of the laboratory, and put them on the web. The Federation of American Scientists managed to cobble together what seems like a pretty extensive mirror of all of those reports, which is pretty great.

The Nuclear Proliferation International History Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center has a lot of interesting documents online relating to nuclear proliferation and various national nuclear programs. At the moment, I seem to be able to access many most? The Hanford DDRS hasor so records relating to life at Hanford over its whole span, including 77, photographs.

It was apparently meant to be a huge repository for declassified documents, but in practice there are only a handful of archives that have contributed materials. It contains mostly official reports and official correspondence.

To search them easily, use a Google search that limits your results to their site e. I sent them an e-mail and they said that: Web-based Primary Sources for Nuclear History. Academic Writing - vk. See their entry in the subscription-only section below for other holdings of theirs.

McMillan has a nice, curated online archive of documents relating to J. Robert Oppenheimer Viking, Sourcework: Academic Writing From Sources PARAPHRASING When we describe something we have heard, we often repeat the same idea discusses how to use information from articles appropriately in academic writing.

Three Criteria for a Good Paraphrase 1. A good paraphrase has the same meaning as the original. Identify. Sep 25,  · Whats an academic source? academic source represents a scholarly writing that is reviewed by peers. Most of these will be found in a reference directory.

These will represent secondary sources. Primary sources by contrast are original sacred text, personal (non published) interviews, etc. Academic sources will generally be Status: Resolved. The second edition of Sourcework, designed to help students make use of outside sources, has been updated and enhanced to better guide writers through the challenges of their first academic research papers.

With new university-level readings and updated activities, this flexible text helps students /5(67). Sourcework: academic writing from sources Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file. ENCRYPTED DAISY download. For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

IN COLLECTIONS. Daisy Books for the Print Disabled. S ou rcew ork: A cadem ic W ritin g from S ou rces A u th o r: N an cy E.

Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources

D o llah ite & Ju lie H au n (2 0 0 6) on their academic papers both individually and in groups. Thus, it is obvious that the in improving their writing skills. May 16,  · 16 May pdf download [PDF] Book Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources Download Ebook second edition of Sourcework, designed to help students make use of outside sources, has been updated and enhanced to better guide writers through.

Source work academic writing from sources download yahoo
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