Project glad strategies

Teachers watch the classroom demonstration each morning, and the afternoon sessions are dedicated to debriefing, reflection, and planning. Probing the depth of educational reform.

Harvard Education Letter, 20 41—4.

When state Project glad strategies reform works. Project GLAD training provides intensive professional development to teachers of English learners, and one of the best things about the training is that teachers will be able to see the strategies being taught in action!

Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD)

Educators are instructed in 35 strategies that are grouped into four goal-oriented categories focus and motivation; input of new knowledge; guided oral practice; and reading and writing development. They were excited by the unit, Navigation. For example, many teachers found it difficult to recall all of the strategies and how to properly use them.

The study also found that GLAD is popular amongst teachers. GLAD is a strandards-based ELD instructional model that promotes high levels of academic language and achievement for students at all levels of English proficiency.

When teachers are able to see the strategies being demonstrated with students, it makes all the more sense to them and improves the likelihood of implementation at the classroom level. It was so fun to be her student again!

Project GLAD Study Year 1 Findings

Journal of Educational Research, 99 4— A resource book for K—12 teachers 3rd ed. Toward a more refined theory of school effects: Journal of Staff Development, 15 442— In the 90s the project received federal grants to develop into a formal instructional training model.

During the afternoons, I worked on a unit for my class on Scientific Inventions. The first two days consist of an overview of the instructional model, including the research base, theoretical framework, and backwards planning process of creating content-based ELD units in Science and Social Studies.

Moreover, the results showing the difficulty teachers had in implementing the model should make schools keen on clarifying its purposes and intended form of delivery, to teachers.

If you ever have a question, all you have to do is post it to the group and all the wonderful other teachers who belong to the group will answer.

This means that instruction for DLLs should dedicate a significant amount of time to developing their oral proficiency skills in order to ensure later achievement in reading, writing, and vocabulary.

The new meaning of educational change 2nd ed. The impact of two professional development interventions on early reading instruction and achievement NCEE Educational Researcher, 33 83— School reform and standards-based education: Designing professional development for teachers of science and mathematics.

Of the teachers in the study, 51 were randomly assigned to receive Project GLAD training and 62 were assigned to a control group that did not receive training. In the first year of the study, researchers found no significant impact on non-ELLs.

Reading, writing, and learning in ESL: English learners in American classrooms:It is the holder of the OCDE Project GLAD® trademarks and copyright. As a model of professional learning, the NTC is dedicated to building academic language and literacy for all students, especially English Learner/emergent bilingual students.

We also wanted to know whether or not teachers in the control group used Project GLAD, or similar strategies, despite being in the control group.

Teaching With Glad

Our measures of implementation included attendance logs at professional development sessions, coaching logs, monthly surveys, classroom observations, and interviews with teachers and principals.

Another way I stay brushed up on my OCDE Project GLAD ® strategies is by joining the Yahoo Group - Project GLAD for Teachers. If you ever have a question, all you have to do is post it to the group and all the wonderful other teachers who belong to the group will answer.

Teaching With Glad; Crate Seat Tutorial (3) December (3) I. 2 Section I Focus and Motivation Strategies Cognitive Content Dictionary Exploration Report Observation Chart Teacher Made Big Books Inquiry Charts.

Hello, welcome to Project GLAD! We have officially moved to! We welcome you to check it out! Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a great day! 26th Annual OCDE Project GLAD® Conference Now Open for Registation Letter to Educators and OCDE Project GLAD® Community November 26, Letter to .

Project glad strategies
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