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Jean is among the most famous images of Richard. Windows and doors were smashed at the Forum and surrounding businesses. Richard was admitted to the Hockey Hall of Fame inand during the —99 season the NHL instituted a trophy for the leading goalscorer bearing his name.

When he came flying toward you with the puck on his stick, his eyes were all lit up, flashing and gleaming like a pinball machine. His feat of scoring 50 goals in 50 games was unmatched until Mike Bossy in — Altogether he led the league in scoring five times; inafter scoring 45 goals, he was awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy for most valuable player.

Having recovered from his broken ankle in time for the —42 season, Richard returned to the QSHL Canadiens, with whom he played 31 games and recorded 17 points before he was again injured. According to the Montreal Gazettethe ovation Richard received from his fans "shook the rafters" of the Montreal Forum.

Richard scored the winning goal in a 2—1 victory that sent Montreal to the Stanley Cup Final. Presented as archival content. He continued to use his name as a promotional vehicle for over 30 years after his retirement.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: He scored the overtime-winning goal in the fifth game of the final against Boston. In his third season he scored 50 goals in 50 games and set a record that was not broken until Maurice scored a total of goals and points in regular-season games, and an additional 82 goals in playoff games.

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Georgette, Rollande and Marguerite; and four brothers: It was the first of 14 consecutive years he was named a league all-star. Opponents continued their attempts to drive Richard to anger or frustration, as they had learned he could be goaded into taking himself out of the game by violently retaliating and fighting.

Richard certainly has been one of the greatest players in the game and we will miss him. After he began playing in organized leagues, Richard joined several teams and used pseudonyms such as "Maurice Rochon" to circumvent rules that restricted players to one team.

Opposing teams sent their roughest players to hack, slash, or trip him—anything to stop him; his retaliating led to his gaining a reputation for having a hot temper.

Montreal fans booed Geoffrion when he surpassed Richard on the final day of the regular season. Malone was on hand to present Richard with the puck used to score the 45th goal.

During the first period of a 3—1 victory over Chicago on October 19,he became the first player in NHL history to score goals in his career. Inwhen he was suspended from playing because of fighting, fans in Montreal rioted, and the destruction did not end until after he broadcast an appeal for calm the next day.

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The trio, known as the " Punch line ", formed a dominant scoring unit throughout the s. Canadiens coach Dick Irvin sent Richard back onto the ice in the final minutes of the contest, despite knowing Richard had suffered a concussion.

No penalty, no fine, no suspension. Overpeople paid their respects by viewing his lying in state at the Molson Centre. He became disgruntled with a role he felt was powerless and only honorary, and resigned one year later. The pair, along with Elmer Lach, comprised the "Punch line" in the s. Get behind the team in the playoffs.Apr 20,  · I need to do an essay for it.

Need a site or source or anything that explains to me, other than on the rink, why Maurice Richard was important to CanadaStatus: Resolved.

Find great deals on eBay for maurice rocket richard. Shop with confidence. Joseph Henri Maurice "Rocket" Richard PC CC OQ was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played 18 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Mont.

In contrast, in his book The Rocket: A Cultural History of Maurice Richard, Benoît Melançon disputes the importance of the riot, stating its perceived importance in history grew retroactively with Richard's August 4,Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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The Maurice Richard Riot of March 17 On March 17,more than 10, crazed hockey fans from inside the Montreal Forum and from the streets outside gathered together to protest the suspension of Maurice "The Rocket" Richard.

The Rocket: A Cultural History of Maurice Richard Paperback – July 14, Rocket Richard was a public icon of the magnitude of Babe Ruth was South of the border. He was the first man to score fifty goals in a season, and the first to score in his amazing career. He was the face of a glorious franchise which has won more Stanley 4/5(2).

Maurice the rocket richard essay
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