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In connexion with this institution we now hear of a heavily armed cavalry as the kernel of the national army. More weighty contributions are the anonymous theological discussion The Kernel and the HuskPhilomythushis book on Cardinal Newman as an Anglicanand his article "The Gospels" in the ninth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, embodying a critical view which caused considerable stir in the English theological world; he also wrote St Thomas of Canterbury, his Death and MiraclesJohannine V ocabularyJohannine Grammar The seed consists of a thin, hard testa or shell, enclosing a wrinkled kernel, which, when dried, is the nutmeg.

Although it is difficult to determine the true historical kernel, two features are most prominent in the narratives which the post-exilic compiler has incorporated: The district of Weimar, which is at once the largest division and the geographical and historical kernel of the grand-duchy, is a roughly circular territory, situated on the plateau to the north-east of the Thuringian Forest.

Salzwedel, formerly Soltwedel, was founded by the Saxons, and was from to the capital of the old or north Mark, also for a time called the "mark of Soitwedel," the kernel of Brandenburg-Prussia. The kernel consists mainly of the abundant endosperm, which is firm, whitish in colour and marbled with numerous reddish-brown vein-like partitions, into which the inner seedcoat penetrates, forming what is known botanically as ruminated endosperm.

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Where, however, the fatty material forms the main product, as in the case of palm kernel oil, or sesame and coco-nut oils from damaged seeds which would no longer yield proper cattle foodthe process of extraction will be preferred, especially when the price of oils is high.

The kernel of his subjects consisted of genuine Arabs, not only recent immigrants along with Islam, but also old settlers who, through contact with the Roman empire and the Christian church, had become to some extent civilized.

It was the natural name for a body of men who must, by the time the conquest of Sicily was over, have been very mixed, but whose kernel was Norman, whose strength and feelings and traditions all came from a Norman source. The last constitutes a valuable article of commerce in the form of copra, from which palm oil is expressed; the natives make use of this oil in made dishes, and also of the soft half-green kernel and the coco-nut " milk," the clear liquid within the nut.

The kernel of this native tradition - the fact of a late collection of older fragments - appears indisputable. In each case the Arab or the Norman was the kernel, the centre round which all other elements gathered and which gave its character to the whole.

Groats or grits are the whole kernel from which the husk is removed.

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His one ally was the Franciscan friar, Giovanni da Capistrano q. Their different forms include the Cosford, which are thin-shelled and oblong; the Downton, or large square nut, having a lancinated husk; the white or Wrotham Park filbert; and the red hazel or filbert, the kernel of which has a red pellicle.

Kernel Sentence Examples The kernel is sound enough though the husk is a poor thing. But, in general, where the traditions are manifestly in a later form they are in agreement with later backgrounds, and it is questionable whether earlier forms can be safely recovered when it is held that they have been rewritten or when the historical kernel has been buried in legend or myth.

This conception of the exiles as the kernel of the restored nation he further set forth in the great vision of ch. It is true that on the continent extracted meal, especially rape meal from good Indian seed and palm kernel meal, are somewhat largely used as focd for cattle in admixture with press cakes, but in England no extracted meal is used for feeding cattle, but finds its proper use in manuring the land.

The poem, which has been compared with the Chanson de Roland and the Romance of the Cid, undoubtedly contains a kernel of fact, although it cannot be regarded as in any sense an historical record. In the variety C. The kernel of the latter lies in the perfectly valid proof which it affords that the tortoise passes through as many positions as Achilles - a view which embodies an accepted doctrine of modern mathematics.

The kernel of the whole book, around which the remaining portions are grouped, consists of the Gathas or " hymns " of Zoroaster q. It was therefore only as the God of Israel that the true God could be known within Israel; and so on the one hand the little society of faith - which had not in reality the least tinge of political coherence - is thought of as yet forming the true kernel of the nation qua nation, while on the other hand the state of Judah profits by the prophetic religion inasmuch as the nation must be saved from destruction in order that the prophetic faith - which is still bound up with the idea of the nation - may not be dissolved.

Ously studied by Sir Edward Frankland, who from the investigation, not of simple inorganic compounds, but of the organo-metallic derivatives, determined the kernel of the theory of valency.

The imperial administration was established through Italy, but its rapacity soon began to excite discontent, and the kernel of the Gothic nation had not submitted.

This typical " envelope and kernel " structure is often only rudimentary. In a word, they were the sound kernel of the still but partially developed Swedish constitution, the democratic safeguard against the monarchical tendency which was enveloping the rest of Europe.

Popular tradition often ignores events of historical importance, or, as repeated experience shows, will represent them in such a form that the true historical kernel could never have been recovered without some external clue. Everta has a very large proportion of the " endosperm " - the nutritious matter which with the small embryo makes up the grain - of a horny consistency, which causes the grain to pop when heated, that is to say, the kernel becomes turned inside out by the explosion of the contained moisture.

These songs form the true kernel of the book Yasna; they must have been in existence long before all the other parts of the Avesta, throughout the whole of which allusions to them occur.

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The 23rd homily, on the "grape kernel" Is. The female lays an egg in the unripe nut, on the kernel of which the larva subsists till September, when it bores its way through the shell, and enters the earth, to undergo transformation into a chrysalis in the ensuing spring.

The kernel of the large-fruited variety is of very indifferent quality, but its large shells are made use of by the French as trinket cases. It is the kernel of the theories of Hobbes, Rousseau, Filmer and Locke. On the whole it seems most likely that, while the kernel of the Roman plebs was rural or belonged to the small towns admitted to the Roman franchise, the Attic demos, largely at least, though doubtless not wholly, arose out of the mixed settlers who had come together in the city, answering to the p rotKot of later times.

The scantiness of historical tradition makes a final solution impossible, but the study of these years has an important bearing on the history of the later Judaean state, which has been characteristically treated from the standpoint of exiles who returned from Babylonia and regard them selves as the kernel of " Israel.

Zeno commenced, then, as a Cynic; and in the developed system we can point to a kernel of Cynic doctrine to which various philosophemes of other thinkers more especially Heraclitus and Aristotle, but also Diogenes of Apollonia, the Pythagoreans, and the medical school of Hippocrates in a lesser degree were added.

This it is which forms the kernel of the positive thought of Socrates according to Xenophon. To prepare the nutmegs for use, the seed enclosing the kernel is dried at a gentle heat in a drying-house over a smouldering fire for about two months, the seeds being turned every second or third day.What is a Kernel Essay?

What your students write, those 5 complete sentences, is their kernel essay. A simple, painless way to see if they have a story worth telling. Kernel essays and text structures extend to all genres and can be used in many different ways. Below you will find tons of resources to help change your classroom into a.

The kernel sentence, then, has two main parts—a subject and a predicate. The subject consists of a noun phrase; the predicate consists of a verb phrase.

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The four types of basic sentences are distinguished by four types of verb phrases, arranged here according to increasing verbal activity: /5(1).

Combining Operations: The following sentences can be derived from kernel sentences by a sequence of the operations described above. For each sentence give the kernel sentences that it is derived from and list the operations that apply.

One example is done for you: The bear was persuaded by the students to yawn. Kernel Sentences: S1: The. Other articles where Nonkernel sentence is discussed: linguistics: Harris’s grammar: kernel of the grammar) and nonkernel sentences. The difference between these two subsets lies in nonkernel sentences being derived from kernel sentences by means of transformational rules.

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