Hank kolb director of quality assurance

A preventive maintenance schedule should, in addition, be prepared for all equipment. Thus all decision were made with no data in mind. Quality is viewed as an add on, inspected in, and is an impedance to doing their job.

Even though they have recently appointed Hank Kolb to oversee their quality program, which is a move in the right direction, there is still a lack of visible senior management support for quality.

They can implement better design, manufacturing, and testing processes along with ensuring training is a requirement to operate any process. Strength The fundamental strength of the company is that it is one of the major manufacturers in the market.

The primary and fundamental weakness is that general and senior management had not taken the quality matter seriously……………………….

The current situation segment is the brief analysis of the current situation and will incorporate the fundamental facts that are important to analyze the problem. Alternative 5 is also good but one needs to focus on the decisions they want to make then design the data collection based on the required decisions.

However, it does take time to perform the investigation and analysis that does not solve the short term problems.

Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance

Subsequently, other staff will be met and informed on the new policies. It was also viewed that slightly below quality was Harmler. Alternative 2 does not resolve the quality problems in the short run, only gives the illusion that improvements will come in the future, and fails to put any plans in place to make improvements or solve the problems.

This is just a sample partial work. They could focus on the equipment with full time maintenance staff to keep the machine up and running properly.

Hank Kolb – Director of Quality Assurance Case Solution & Answer

The quality assurance manager visited Greasex to investigate on the industrial product plant problem in the manufacturing quality. They viewed quality as a secondary added value; whish was seen as an obstacle in doing their job. The lack of management assurance of quality was evident once a chain of actions was being done wrong.

The right equipment should be purchased and used for their specific intended jobs. This may also involve hiring and training of personnel. He should start collecting data on why and how the machine breaks down with a minimal staff required to keep the machines running.

The seminar quality assurance director did not clearly emphasize what should be done in the mentioned situation. List of Alternative Courses of Action 1. It was important that the production planning did not want any of the delay in time hence, the cans were manipulating by the first line supervisor, Wayne Simmons and he venting them out so that they could be shifted in time.

They should also not be prone to trouble causing after implementation. The company had to ensure that production would meet demand.

They could start with senior management to manage the company by a visible quality philosophy and take a long term view of their company where they empower the Quality director to institute quality programs that infiltrate the attitudes of all employees across the company.Hank Kolb: Director of Quality Assurance, disampaikan pads mata kuliah Management Operation, Airlangga University.

Chapter 9 Case: Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance 1).

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– What are the causes of the quality problems of the Greasex line? Display your answer on a fishbone diagram? The primary problem is the lack of commitment to achieve an excellent quality product%(36).

Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance. Q1) the fundamental problem is management in general and senior management lacking the policies and visible support of a quality matters in particular. Even though, the appointment of Mr. Kolb is the right choice.

Designed to introduce the systemic nature of product quality and the complexity of quality problems. Uses a new director, quality assurance, and the discovery of a quality problem. The new director has to decide if it is a real problem, what to do about it, and how to go about orienting an organization toward a better quality attitude.

Hank Kolb - Director of Quality Assurance Case Solution, Problem Statement The first major issue of the case study is that the recently hired director of quality assurance. View Homework Help - Hank_Kolb_Case[1] from BUS at Ashland University.

CASE STUDY: Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance 1) What are the causes of the quality 92%(13).

Hank kolb director of quality assurance
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