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To overstep artistic restraints, to protest too much for the fun of baroquely protesting — such offenses against good taste are intoxicatingly delightful to commit, not because they displease other people for to the great majority they are rather pleasing than otherwisebut because they are intrinsically vulgar, because the good taste against which they offend is as nearly as possible an absolute good taste; they are artistic offenses that have the exciting quality of the sin against the Holy Ghost.

There are no policies that take care of that. But the physicists and psychologists have revealed the universe as a place, in spite of everything, so fantastically queer, that to hand it over to be enjoyed by footmen would be a piece of gratuitous humanitarianism.

Such a display was unnecessary, and therefore vulgar. In other words, when a girl was marked with the stigmata of anemia and chronic constipation, you knew she was a lady. Trump has successfully undermined opponents through the use of innuendos and crudities, and has turned the political process upside-down by gleefully undermining its dignity.

I invite all editors to join in the discussion. In terms of beauty it enunciates truths. Most people are not naturally inclined to burn the flag of their own country either, but every time they try to ban it, public flag burnings increase. The female Ganimede is with the Queen.

Isolated, they cease to mean anything, perhaps to exist.

I will be careful, if I can. Care you enlighten me? An offensive form of vulgarity is an assumption of refinement in language or habits. So far from being attractive and commendable, an infantile man is really a most repulsive, because a truly monstrous and misshapen, being.

Matter is incomparably subtler and more intricate than mind. It was never taken for gold, but it was supposed to cover it, and got shivered to atoms by the hammer of the miner.

An infantile man is one who has not developed at all, or who has regressed toward the womb, into a comfortable unawareness. At the same point, but on another plane, of the great spiral of history, Prince Gotama, more than two thousand years before, had also discovered the vulgarity of living.

The true gentleman can do anything that is not coarse or wrong. Bush era tried to ban flag burning and other forms of flag desecration. He had an overflowing heart; but the trouble was that it overflowed with such curious and even rather repellent secretions. It is evident, on the contrary, that Dickens felt most poignantly for and with his Little Nell; that he wept over her sufferings, piously revered her goodness and exulted in her joys.

In goes the tangent — or rather, out into artistic irrelevancy. The really monstrous emotional vulgarity, of which he is guilty now and then in all his books and almost continuously in The Old Curiosity Shop, is not the emotional vulgarity of one who stimulates feelings which he does not have.

Writers like Blake and Shakespeare, like Stendhal and Dostoevsky, still have plenty to teach the modern scientific professional. The best speakers will never use a big and uncommon word where a common one will do. Ok guys, is this the way we talk to other people in our workplace?

Is that ok to say on Wikipedia? I thought I saw somewhere in the discussions a statement by one of the initiators that the real issue that sparked the creation of this page was not the vulgarity but the as of now, as no formal findings have taken place percieved pattern of abuse and thus the creation of an essay to "formalize" that vulgarity is "abusive" and Essay on vulgarity would seem to be POINTY.

Mentally drowned and blinded by the sticky overflowings of his heart, Dickens was incapable, when moved, of re-creating, in terms of art, the reality which had moved him, was even, it would seem, unable to perceive that reality.

It was a spiral of escalation between equals in which one editor made a personal attack without using vulgarity, and the other responded with vulgarity without a personal attack, followed by a personal attack without vulgarity later on in the paragraph.

You need to wise up a little.Vulgarity in literature must be distinguished from the vulgarity inherent in the profession of letters. Every man is born with his share of Original Sin, to which every writer adds a pinch of Original Vulgarity.

Formerly the word vulgarity was confined to the low, mean, and essentially plebeian; but in the present day the great mixture of classes and the elevation of wealth have brought vulgar men and women even into good society.

It is a term which is now applied, not only to coarseness and familiarity in speech and [ ]. Wikipedia talk:Vulgarity. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This page was nominated for Do it, dont be shy or afraid. Coming back to the point, Hans, you were changing that essay to say that vulgarity is acceptable.

Its not. And the link you found said that people in Britain were fired for obscenity. Thats the point.

The Necessity of Political Vulgarity

Rude language is not. Vulgarity is the quality of being crude and lacking refinement.

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Fart jokes and swearing are both forms of vulgarity. Vulgarity definition is - something vulgar.

489 Words Short Essay on Vulgarity

How to use vulgarity in a sentence. something vulgar; the quality or state of being vulgar; the quality or state of not having good taste, manners, politeness, etc.

The advancement of science and growth of modern technology and information has made things very easy to circulate and communicate to the ent.

Essay on vulgarity
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