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I am very thankful for the move she decide to make because I know that I have greater opportunities at the school I attend now. Describe the Person At some point in the descriptive essay, you need to describe the influential person. I have learned so much from her, just from seeing her care for my siblings and myself.

It can be a family member, a friend, or a teacher. My mother is the most influential person in my life. I am very thankful for the support I receive from my mother. Describe Your Relationship When writing about an influential person, you have to talk not just about the person, but also about the reason the person has made an impact on your life; this means you have to talk about yourself, what specific things you have learned from this person, and how those lessons affect you today.

The description serves to give a deeper and more vivid portrait of the influential person, but should ultimately serve the higher cause of the thesis statement and the effect of the person on the writer. As I was growing up I learned to be independent from my mother.

Let alone come from another country and learn everything on his own.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay on an Influential Person in Your Life

For example, if writing about your soccer coach, you may write, "Through his advice and the example of his character, my soccer coach has inspired me to never be lazy, to get back up after a fall, and to be a confident leader.

He did this all by himself and even though he says it was hard, he never gave up. The key element of writing this type of essay is to reflect on how and why the person has influenced you.

In this case, the thesis statement declares how or why this person has influenced you life. He works a lot, but he still manages to communicate and spend time with his wife and children. Even though I had plenty of other people be good influence to me, if I had to choose, I will still choose my father, my 5th grade teacher, and my best friend Junior again and again.

I learned to depend on no one but myself from my mother.

I have learned to listen to what my mother has to say because I know it is important to her that I learn from their mistakes as well as hers and do not make the same ones.

The description should paint a vivid picture of all that matters about the person. This person can be a teacher, a coach, a family member, a friend, an employer, a political figure, a historical figure or even a fictional character. The writer needs to be judicious in which descriptive material she selects for inclusion in the essay; the information should be determined by the overall point being made in the essay.

Start Essay about influential person an Anecdote Instead of starting the essay with an explicit physical or personal description of the person, you can more meaningfully reveal who the individual is by sharing a personal story.

The reason why my father is one of the most influential people in my life is because he taught me and still reminds me to never give up. I commend my mother for staying strong and making her children her first priority.

I know that raising children alone is not easy at all, which is one reason why I always thought of my mom as strong. He bought it all at once, he was so proud and now that he tells me about his story I am proud as well.

My mom has told me before that raising her children was hard and she did struggle at times. My mom has always informed me that there will be downfall in life but I should never let them bring me down.

As soon as he turned 22 he bought his own house in the San Fernando Valley. Indicate a specific person who has had a significant influence on you, describe that influence.

I admire my mom for her strength and independence and for pushing me to be different. An important strategy for successfully describing the relationship between the person and the writer is to give specific examples.

My mom managed to work, raise her children and keep us happy and healthy. In about 5 years or so he managed to buy a 4 bedroom home.

No matter how far my dream is or how big it is, he says to Although it can be anyone, those are the three people that have influenced me to do better in my life more than anyone else has. Focus Your Essay As in any essay, when writing about an influential person in your life you should include a thesis statement.

My mother has taught me that strength and independence are important in life and that I can never stop at what I want to do.

For example, if your thesis statement is about how Abraham Lincoln is your hero because of all his accomplishments relative to the social and political conditions of the time, descriptions of his favorite hobbies or hair color may not be pertinent. He started working immediately, and worked very hard.

Here is a 16 year old boy who emigrated from Mexico, and worked so hard doing construction work. Whenever I want to give up my mom is always there let me know that if I try my hardest at whatever I do I can succeeded at it. While I was growing up my older siblings made a lot of mistakes that I know disappointed my mom.Le Moyne College, Gannon University, and Daemen College “Person of Influence” Essay.

Prompt: Indicate a specific person who has had a significant influence on you, describe that influence. This is my first assignment in Public Speaking, and my topic is ‘Who was the most influential person in your life’, I choose ‘Who was.

Sample Essays: Influential Person. The topic can be a tear jerker, but this essay lacked the depth and richness that other essays with similar topics possess.

The experience obviously impacted the student very much. But what students do not realize is that they do not have to share such personal issues within the confines of a college essay.

Jill writes about a person who had a significant influence on her, but the response works well for Common Application essay option #5: "Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others." Read the essay in.

Free influential person papers, essays, and research papers. When asked who was the most influential person in my life without any hesitation I knew it was my father.

My father has impacted my life greatly and has helped me become the person I am today.

Essay about influential person
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