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That everyone has the same training. How do you exercise your right to access your personal records? They can have either one or two weeks off that are paid for because of paternity leave. Give an example of indirect discrimination in terms of race.

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Notice for when their employment will be ending, so they have time to find other work. Data protection Access to work Overall you can pretty much find any topic on this website and it is available for anyone to access. Rachael Hand Job title: Take samples which could include measurements and photographs of the work area.

What are the arrangements for notification of sickness in your organisation? List three examples of changes to your personal circumstances that would need to be reported to your employer, and to whom you would report these changes to.

Ask or have interviews of any employees or employers about the health and safety about the health and safety in the business. Getting maternity, paternity and adoption leave and also pay for the time they have off for it. List three opportunities for training and development provided by your employer.

Any other rights that are decided as they work for themselves, so their contract could differ from others, so for example their holiday time could be longer or shorter. Hours of work 3.

Rachael Hand is responsible for the health and safety at my workplace. How much annual leave are you entitled to?

This is where the employer takes action into helping a certain individual or a group of people who are disadvantaged to getting employed because of a protected characteristic, so this could include giving training to them so that they have the same chances as everyone else for a job placement.

Write down three examples. How much holiday time you can have a year, or if you still will get paid when off. If an apprentice has worked less than three months in the organisation then they are not entitled to SSP.

You will receive an automated email when a learner requests to link with you as their provider. Their safety while working, especially with dangerous equipment 3. Personnel issues I could go to Rachael or Sara who I could get the support I needed, either in person, on the phone or through an email.

The Instructus Skills ERR workbook is to be used online only and has restrictions put in place to stop the document being printed and circulated. How many days paid holiday a year are employees entitled to if they are working: You basically times the amount of days you work with the workers entitled minimum 5.

What are the main changes that have taken place in your area of business over the last few years? That both sexes get paid equally and fairly unless there is a valid reason for not being paid the same as the opposite sex, so if the job was more qualified then this would be a valid reason for being paid more than someone else.

Give three examples of aspects of employment that are covered by sex and discrimination law. Learners should download the ERR workbook and save this to their personal network in order to fill in, save and edit their content.Employment rights and responsibilities workbook Task 1 Employment rights act covers A right to an itemised wage statement National minimum wage Your right to have.

Free Essay: Apprenticeships for supporting teaching and learning in schools Employee rights and responsibilities (ERR) workbook [pic] Contents Page. ERR Workbook. ERR Workbooks apprenticeships training books from Highfield. The workbook is designed to help providers, employers and apprentices ensure that ERR within apprenticeship programmes for supporting teaching and learning in schools are achieved.

The workbook can be tailored to meet your requirements so long as all aspects are covered by the learner. Frequently Asked Questions. Who can register for the Instructus Skills e-learning portal?

How do I use the online Instructus Skills ERR workbook? ERR-Workbook Questions Q1. What three elements must an Apprenticeship Agreement contain? Write down three examples. 1. Hours of work 2. Holiday entitlement.

Err workbook
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