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However, there is a another variety known as the Double Rex which is practically bald. In fact, a tailless rat sometimes has a hint of a tail or a short, furry stub where the tail would be.

Rex rat Domestic or fancy rat Also known as the common rat because it has not underwent any form of genetic mutation.

Bald or hairless rats As its name suggests, this breed of rat is completely bald. His hairlessness is caused by a genetic mutation, and people with fur allergies might appreciate his baldness.

Marked Marked varieties of rats generally sport two colors of fur that form patterns.

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Different types of rats belong to different varieties; this is unlike dogs, who are classified by breed. The National Fancy Rat Society lists 11 marked varieties. Its body is broad, slim and rounded, and its whiskers are smooth and very straight. If he has whiskers, they are short and curly.

They are considerably smaller than common rats and, in comparison, their bodies are shorter and rounder. However, these are ways of describing them and not breeds. The Irish variety sports a white triangle on the chest, plus white feet and a body fur of a different shade.

However, it may have a thin layer of fur-like fluff all over its body. These have poetic or exotic names such as powder blue, quick silver, cinnamon chinchilla, Russian pearl and sable Burmese.

The coat can vary in color. Its whiskers are short and curly. They are shaped somewhat like a rose petal and are positioned low on the sides of his head. Rex The rex fancy rat has a curly coat and whiskers.

This unusual coat makes him a good pet for people who are allergic to other rats, according to the book "Pet Rats. Hairless The hairless rat is bald with pink, thin skin that is nearly translucent. Although domestic rats usually belong to the same species, each is distinguished by the appearance of his coat, whiskers, markings, ear size and eye color.

They have lots of hair across their whole body, except for the abdomen. The coat is said to have a metallic sheen. Due to their missing tail, these rats are heavily reliant on their owners being especially attentive to them when at home. The domestic rat usually has a white, black or dark brown coat, and its tail is very long but thin at the same time.

It has very short, fine fur and it can be found in a variety of colors; the most common of which are white, grey, light grey and light brown. The female has longer, softer fur than the male. Besides these types, domestic rats are also classified according to their coat type, color and possible markings.

The National Fancy Rat Society says the lack of fur makes this rat susceptible to cold and injury. Dumbo The dumbo rat variety is distinguished by the size and shape of his ears, which are larger and rounder than those of other varieties.

Different Breeds of Domestic Rats

New Varieties In addition to the more well known varieties, the National Fancy Rat Society recognizes at least 21 new varieties.Types of Domestic Rats.

There are many types of domestic rats across the world. Contrary to popular belief, these animals are as intelligent and.

Types of Domestic Rats

Domestic rats are different from rats we would otherwise call sewer rats. There are actually many species of rats and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

There are brown rats, black rats, small rats, mice, rats with. Apr 02,  · Hi, I know some people are probably going to say this should be in some other section like writing or something but I disagree.

My question is I am to write an 10 paragraph essay on pet rats. Exclude the topic and conclusion paragraphs, theres 8 sub topics. I was wondering if anyone could help me with an Resolved.

Average lifespan of a pet rat is two to three years. Most pet rats are actually a type of rat called a Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus).

Other names for a Norway rat are common rat, brown rat, street rat, sewer rat, Hanover rat, Norwegian rat, or wharf rat. Domestic Animal Abuse Essay Kaitlin Kimak Presentation 3 Domestic Animal Abuse Awareness Looking at these absolutely adorable animals must make you wonder what kind of person could possibly want to harm such a lovable companion.

Pet rats come in a rainbow of colors, but most are descended from the brown rat, or Rattus norvegicus. Although domestic rats usually belong to the same species, each is distinguished by the appearance of his coat, whiskers, markings, ear size and eye color.

Different types of rats belong to different varieties; this.

Domestic rats essay
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