Direct writing and composition igcse english

A small gang of perhaps ten men, dark skinned like myself, but less hairy; tall, lanky, with long legs and arms that swung down like tree branches, their bodies bare except for animal-skin loin cloths and painted red ochre and white ash geometric designs on their chests and faces, and vicious pointed bones jabbed through their ear lobes and noses.

Colour creates images in the readers mind and can affect atmosphere through connections the reader makes with that colour e. Why has the writer chosen to put the exclamation there?

What effect do these positive feelings have on the representation of the character or the atmosphere? Why has the writer chosen to show these two things?

Why has the writer stressed these words? Make accurate and effective use of paragraphs, grammatical structures, sentences, punctuation and spelling. Imagery including similes, metaphors, colour and use of the 5 senses- sight, sound, touch, taste and smell The words allow the reader to create an image in their and involve the reader in the moment being described.

Aim to develop 6 sections with balanced paragraphs: How has it affected the atmosphere? Why is the word being compared to something else? You need to ensure that you follow the five points of writing though.

A writer might write a paragraph about a beautiful place and follow it with a paragraph describing a run-down place to show the differences between the ways in which two groups of people live. Shooting my eyes around among the trees and rocks, I could not see my assailants, but no more darts came.

For example - A discursive piece of writing on unhealthy food would have to show the positive sides of unhealthy food.

You should spend an hour on this. Why has the writer used a short sentence? What emotion or reaction are they portraying? You are trying to show that you can work from a wider viewpoint and understand a range of different opinions, which can be a tricky task.

How does it affect the mood? They are used to portray emotion and show how a character reacts or is feeling. This highlights a contrast between two words, phrases or ideas, e.

This lovely little Prezi has a great explanation using boxing terms: Up above the small beach I sat upon was a dark rocky horseshoe-shaped outcropping; it would provide a good shelter. Why has the writer added detail to this action? My hand knocked a home-made dart out of my leg, which was followed by a rivulet of blood.

The writer uses these to add action to the writing. As the apparent leader, with a mass of black feathers woven into his shock of ruddy hair, poked at me with a pointed stick, I passed out.

Discursive This type of writing is where you create a balanced argument.Transcript of IGCSE English Language Paper 3- Directed Writing.

IGCSE English Language Paper 3- Directed Writing Question 2: narrative or descriptive writing What else can we use? Spend at least 5 minutes planning your composition give your writing structure (use paragraphs!).

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Example Candidate Responses (Standards Booklet) Cambridge IGCSE Paper 31 (Directed Writing and Composition) Introduction 74 Question Paper 75 This standards booklet for IGCSE First Language English consists of candidates’ scripts written for the May session.

Each script is accompanied by the marks that were awarded and. Feb 24,  · Some very brief advice on revising for Reading Paper: Question 1 and Directed Writing and Composition: Question Created using PowToon -- Free sign up. Directed Writing. written by Miss Reedy. IGCSE REVISION A fine site.

Home; About; Category Archives: Paper 3 Question 1. Directed Writing. May Narrative Hooks. Expert or witness account in direct speech are often included to give weight to the article. E.g: “It has shown aggressive behaviour in the past, however, nothing.

He wrote a thrilling adventure story for the IGCSE composition exam, Descriptive writing questions from IGCSE English Language May/June writing paper: Nerdvark knows that to get top marks, he must follow the mark scheme for CONTENT AND STRUCTURE: Writing A* Composition for IGCSE or AS - Descriptive Writing.

Direct writing and composition igcse english
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