Checkered flag paper napkins

Use the pattern to make your custom-size rectangular box following instructions in the Rectangular Box craft.

This project includes Christmas quilling designs and examples of how to combine quilling with handcrafted items. Make a fierce golden lion, a timid rabbit, or a funny bighorn sheep. There are patterns for making a durable felt or pieced paper game board from square and triangle shapes, and printable print and play game boards, including one for you to color any way you like.

Dad and Granddad will love these special kid-made cards. The kids and grown-ups, too will have great fun smearing paint on paper and creating fanciful pictures.

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With this adhesive you will be able to make your own stickers from ordinary paper. Here we have the right and left sections shown in relation to each other and the center section still to be made.

It looks like an ordinary, two-dimensional, paper hexagon with a front and a back, but hidden inside are four more sides or faces that become visible by flexing folding the paper. Weave the tails together in two easy steps to make the fish become three dimensional.

Checkered Flag Beverage Napkins

Make a game set to keep and another to give as a gift. Choose from a variety of printable patterns for two sizes of heart boxes.

For this quilt I am using a simple satin stitch to finish all the edges and adjusting the width of the stitch to taper off toward the outer edges. This is an ideal project for groups of varying ages and skills, and the finished magnets make great gifts!

This quilt is a celebration of that energy of growth and portrays several of my yearly spring favorites, Bloodroot and Trillium. EASY Mini-boomerangs Apr 27, - In this project, see how to make mini-boomerangs that really fly and return to the thrower! This is a simple craft for groups of children.

The Trillium are filling in the corner and two spirals have been cut in deep blue fabric. Your puppets can be friends or foes in any story you can imagine; or, act out the included Aesop fable, The Lion and the Rabbit. In this project, see how to use floral wire to make a mobile of easy to fold Origami Flying Birds or other lightweight items.

All the spaces are filled and arranged from front to back to give a feeling of depth and layers. Adults can take the sewing cards a step further to make scrapbook and greeting card embellishments. While the cards are very simple to make, they are easily enhanced with glitter, cotton balls, sequins, and other creative touches.

The candle holders are fun to make as a family or group project. Just cut, fold and glue and then decorate with stamps and cutouts. The stems and flowers here are made of construction paper, just to test out the possibilities.

Racing Theme Party Supplies

Suncatchers are easy to make and are a great vehicle for creativity—make them in a variety of colors and add your own special touches. These puppets go with lion, rabbit and sheep puppets in the Three-Finger Puppets craft project.

Cutting up the catalogs, making the garden, and playing with it will keep kids busy for hours. All it takes to make this cutie are empty cardboard tubes, a cereal box and scraps of ribbon or paper.

This is a good project for kids to practice coloring and cutting.

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This simple pop-up is easy enough for children to make and offers enough flexibility for the creativity of teen and adult crafters. This is a great way to recycle the fabric from all those holey and stained sweatpants and sweatshirts that no one can wear anymore. Use the holders to display your decorated eggs or to liven up plain eggs.Black & White Checkered Flag Beverage Napkins feature a black and white wavy checkered design.

Use small paper Black & White Checkered Flag Beverage Napkins to keep the tables clean at your Indy party! Product Features Gingham napkins, or if you prefer to say checkered napkins are always in style. Floating Wing Glider Paper Airplane (Sep 17, ) - In this paper airplane project, you will learn how to fold a glider that floats through the air and can be thrown gently or hard.

Patterned Tablecovers

This paper airplane glides on a long and steady path, and can also do stunts. AVERAGE. Racing theme beverage napkins feature a black & white checkered design. Visit My Paper Shop for wholesale discounts!

Wholesale Racing Theme party supplies are available in a Checkered Flag ensemble or with a black check design!

Checkered Party Decorations

Shop our site for more sports tableware! Choose from our checkered flag paper napkins, luncheon or dessert plates, paper or plastic cups, and banquet size plastic tablecloths.

We even offer disposable tableware in race car. Pack Dinner Decorative Napkins - Checkered Flag Disposable Paper Napkins, Perfect for Car Race Party Supplies and Kid Boy Birthday Decorations, x .

Checkered flag paper napkins
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