An examination of jane austens characteristics through her characters

Somner, speaking of "St. Vincent, sexton, of the parish of St. He was buried at St. Canterbury, vice Whitaker, dec. In the church erected a crucifix and two carved figures on the Rood beam.

The presentation was made as a testimonial from his late parishioners, the recipient having been recently inducted to the post of Rector of St. He died inbut was not buried at St. Sidebotham, 24 November Bartlett, late Rector of St. InJohn was Curate of Eastnor, he was not married, and had his mother Edith c.

As we pass through Stour Street it is sad to see the signs of squalid poverty which abound in the densely packed courts and alleys which lie between the street and the river. This chancel is clearly an addition to the church, and is built of flint, with two large crosses of stone worked in the wall, but these have been mutilated by a careful removal of portions, which are filled in with flints, a curious proof of Puritan bigotry.

In they erected a stained glass window and other works, and in erected a porch. Mildred, Canterbury, Kent,folio Mildred, at Canterbury Sept.

Charles Fox we read "The octagonal 15th century font of St. The church magazine - Rev. Here and there an old timber-framed house stands out and sightly yet, in the midst of modern decay, though its foundations were laid two hundred years or more ago.


He also speaks of "a fair Roman arch" over the window of the "west end of the south aisle. Mildreds from Stour Street "St. The monuments are interesting, especially those to the Cranmers.

Gostling writing a century ago, speaks of undoubted Roman remains still visible at St. Two bells were inscribed Richard Phelps,one "Josephus Hatch mee fecit Martin Carfax, Oxford, - born ?Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin ~ ST.

MILDRED'S CHURCH ~ STOUR STREET, CANTERBURY. The only pre-conquest church still standing inside the city walls, located near Canterbury Castle.

An examination of jane austens characteristics through her characters
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