A movie analysis of rebel without a cause

Her name is Judy. An example of this conflict occurs when Jim informs his parents of the fatal car accident: He calls me a dirty tramp—my own father!

The Story of a Criminal Psychopath of a delinquent, imprisoned teenage psychopath in the post-war years. Mistakenly thinking that Jim told the police about the "Chickie Run", they decide to hunt Jim down to "silence him" In an awkward courtship dialogue, Jim tries to make conversation with her.

Listen—I took a steak out of the freezer. Main Character Backstory In the past, Jim has been in trouble for fighting. Influence Character Thematic Conflict Worry vs. Ray was bisexual as was Dean and he was sleeping with both Wood and Mineo while they shot the film.

Plato runs and hides in the Observatory, which is soon besieged by the police.

Do you mind if I try? Where the attitudes of East of Eden are hopelessly dated and broad, the poetic longing for connection in Rebel Without a Cause will always feel timeless. Worth Influence Character Unique Ability Once Frank is able to realize his own worth, especially as a parent to Jim, he can stand up for himself and his son.

I thought we could have a real old-fashioned stag party—just the two of us, what do you say? Just move - everything will be roses and sunshine.

Rebel Without a Cause Film Summary & Analysis

As they explore their relationship, it becomes evident to Frank that Jim does not respect him as a man or father, yet at the same time is desperate for his father to fulfill those roles.

At the appointed hour, the Chickie Run takes place, inaugurated by a wave of the arms from Judy. The father comes and pushes them aside. You say one thing, he says another, and everybody changes back again. Security The thematic conflict that Jim must grapple with is the absence of a secure family home life that he so desperately needs to counteract the outside world in which he is vulnerable.

I better clean this up before she sees it. That evening, the "game" is held with Judy and several students in attendance to watch.Rebel Without a Cause () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without A Cause About the Movie 50's Themes and Other Connections Scene Analysis Conclusion Plot Women's Changing Roles The purpose of the movie, Rebel Without a Cause, was to show more reality than the.

Jun 19,  · The movie is based on a book of the same name by Robert Lindner, A double feature of "Rebel Without a Cause" and "East of Eden," both in restored 35mm prints, will play June at the Music Box Theatre, N.


The movies are in general North American re-release.4/4. May 23,  · Profoundly romantic and lacerating in its despair, Nicholas Ray’s Rebel Without a Cause, a self-contained portrait of three isolated teenagers, is James Dean’s best film and best performance (it ranks high in Ray’s work as well).

It’s true that some of its details and performances don’t 4/4. Rebel Without a Cause is the highly influential coming of age drama classic. It holds up dearly.

I was astounded while watching this movie as I recognized aspects that other films took from this film. Rebel Without A Cause () is a film that sympathetically views rebellious, American, restless, misunderstood, middle-class youth. The tale of youthful defiance, which could have been exploitative - but wasn't, provides a rich, but stylized (and partly out-dated) look at the world of the.

A movie analysis of rebel without a cause
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